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No-logging of User Activity

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Summary of OSVPN’s policies regarding data and storage of data:

      • No-logging of user activity policy – this page
      • Cookies – Please read our cookie policy for more information.
      • Privacy policy – Handling of personal data (GDPR)

No-logging data policy
The underlying policy of OSVPN is that we never store any activity logs of any kind. We strongly believe in having a minimal data retention policy because we want you to remain anonymous. However, in some situations we might process your personal data if you, for example, are making payments by a bank wire, PayPal, Swish, cardinity or are sending an e-mail or reporting a problem. In those cases, we might process your personal data and the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and other data protection laws may apply. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

Our anonymous, numbered accounts
We want you to remain anonymous. When you sign up for OSVPN, we do not ask for any personal information – no username, no password, no email address. Instead, a random account number is generated, a so-called numbered account. This number is the only identifier a person needs in order to use a OSVPN account. This is a fundamental difference that sets us apart from most other services. Anyone at anytime can create as many numbered accounts as they wish on our website. An account cant be used by multiple people or by someone other than the person who initially generated it. A OSVPN account has two properties: the account number and the time remaining on that account.

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