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OSVPN dashboard is a fully-loaded solution to recover & register an account at any moment. to recover your osvpn account id please visit “here” You need to enter your transaction id to complete the captcha, once done, you will get the pop-up with the account id. enjoy the solution.Accordion Sample Description
If you already paid for the subscription but the subscription is not active yet then it would be just because you have used BTC to pay your subscription fee. Once OSVPN gets three Confirmation from the payment gateway, our OSVPN Solution automatically activates the Subscription for which you paid.
There Could be multiple reasons for the OSVPN Application not working in your system.
  • The application is not installed properly, Please make sure that you install all components of OSVPN with all OpenVPN conponent as well which comes at the time of installation.
  • Might your system is missing the DLL files to run the OSVPN Application so you need to install “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable” according to your system Articture. This issue comes in usually Virtual Machines, Windows Server & Windows 7.
Yes, you can use the OpenVPN application to access the OSVPN Solution, you just need to download the configuration of the server which you want to use for your connection. All our servers are supporting both TCP & UDP connections so you can Download the Configuration as per your requirement to use the same.

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